“The best choice for your voice.”

My name is Jack Dolan and I've been writing online everyday for two years. I am a 22-year-old college senior at John Carroll University. Growing up in Chicago's western suburbs, I've always had a knack for writing. It started as a hobby, using the city has my ultimate inspiration. The older I got the stronger my bond with writing became. It quickly developed into a passion. 

I like to share stories. Under my online writing alias, Mr. Jack Martin, I've written a lot about personal experiences - sharing stories about leadership, productivity and lessons-learned, among other topics. Publishing primarily on Medium and Quora, I have gained an audience through consistent, honest work. To date my work hovers slightly over 730K views (Quora alone). Through writing, I've been able to establish an online presence and have begun to build a my own personal brand. What I've learned from consistently writing online is this: People like to read stories. Unfortunately, most people lack either the time or the writing skills to successfully share their stories. I've decided to change that. 

There are few methods of communication more valuable than written word. Yet, less and less people posses the ability to write. On top of this, Internet writing is vastly different than writing  anywhere else. From personal experience, I've learned that being able to write online in a way that resonates with readers is the key formula to building a personal brand. By keeping a public presence through writing, anyone can market themselves, their business and various other skills. As a ghostwriter, I aid professionals in building an online following through writing. After interviewing clients via phone call, I quickly translate conversations into written form - mainly in the form of a story - while keeping the integrity of their voice at the forefront.

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