It’s 2016 and ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to limit yourself to one political party.  First of all, it’s nearly impossible to describe a ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ in this day and age due to the amount their ideals have changed over time.  Yes, I get it, both parties have virtually kept their basic stances on some general issues since their conception, but I can tell you now there are more differences than similarities from a democrat then compared to a democrat now.  Same goes for republicans.  I spent a week at the RNC and witnessed people blindly follow Donald Trump like newly hatched ducklings following their mother.  They cheered every time he opened his mouth, regardless of what idiotic empty statement he had ready to offer.  I wonder if republicans realize just how different Trump’s views are to the rest of the Republican Party’s views; and most of the delegates continued to agree!  Being in the midst of it all I can PROMISE you most of the delegates are voting for Trump NOT because they see him fit to be our next president, but solely to put their party in office.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Hillary is any better; it’s shaping up to be the exact same situation for the Democrats.  I can’t believe how stubborn the citizens of this country can be – I probably shouldn’t be so surprised.  I get that you might have the same basic values as whatever you consider “your party” but that doesn’t mean whoever that party happens to nominate is more qualified than their opposer.  Why limit yourself to voting within a party?  What does it prove?  That you’re a loyal democrat or republican and would die for your party’s beliefs?  There is no benefit.  I’m not saying it’s “wrong” to consider yourself a democrat or republican, but do not limit yourself to the party you identify with.  No one ‘has to be’ a democrat or republican.  It’s okay to switch parties if you’re seeking a worthy candidate.  Do republicans realize that Melania Trump did just that?  Yup, she identifies herself as a democrat!  And people wonder why she plagiarized some of Michelle Obama’s speech! It’s sad to see such close-minded people.  If your party nominates an idiot, admit defeat.  Don’t go vote for the idiot other idiots nominated because they would rather die than vote for a qualified candidate of an opposing party.

I don’t know who I’m voting for.  I’m a first time voter and frankly embarrassed this is the first election I get to participate in.  No matter what, I think it’s important to vote as it is the right and privilege of an American citizen to do so.  What I’m NOT going to do is vote democrat or republican because of the party name.  I’m sure I’ll end up considering myself a democrat or a republican at some point but I promise I will never vote for a party if I see the nominee is unfit to serve.

Image created by mrjackmartin


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