I’ve been drinking a lot of it lately. Not that I need it, I’ve just grown to like the taste. I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7 o’clock, sludge down the stairs, and walk immediately to the Mr. Coffee machine in the kitchen. I fill the back with water and turn the machine on while simultaneously opening the bag of ground coffee beans. It really doesn’t matter what roast it is, the aroma is the same for me. When the coffee filled air escapes the bag after a long night of being pitched shut, my nose recognizes one thing and one thing only: coffee.

I have one cup in the morning, usually black or with a very light amount of cream. If I do use cream, it’s never dairy, but almond milk. I’ve been substituting this in since June when I started eating paleo. I rarely put sugar in my coffee. This is another paleo influence but in all honesty I’ve lost the taste for it. My thought is: if the coffee is good, it needs no sugar.  To be honest, black coffee has really grown on me. The bitterness eases with time and the palette starts to develop a taste for coffee without cream or sugar. Try it for a week and you just might like it.

My days have been long in my third year at college. I’m usually at the library for a few hours every night and need a pick me up after my post-dinner food coma. Luckily there is a kiosk in the basement of John Carroll’s library where coffee is brewed fresh. I never thought I’d be a night time coffee drinker but this year, I need to be. I used to have trouble falling asleep drinking coffee any time after noon but my body has become accustomed to it. I get a small coffee, black, usually dark roast.  It’s nice having options for flavor since I don’t have them at home. Recently I’ve been trying to taste the difference between blonde, medium, and dark roasts. My taste buds aren’t there yet. They all still taste like coffee to me.

When I really need it, I get an espresso. Sometimes I’ll mix it with a little cup of black coffee if it’s going to be a late night. I really like espresso. I spent a semester abroad in Europe and started drinking it there. When traveling between countries, I stayed in plenty of Airbnb’s equipped with Nspresso machines. I think I might get one for myself.




3 thoughts on “COFFEE

  1. Coffee is life. I’m literally a different person without it, although I haven’t acquired the taste for taking it black yet. I may take your advice and try a week or two of it. Also, don’t feel bad about needing coffee to survive college. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human. I absolutely can’t function in my classes without it. Best of luck!


  2. I had my first taste of coffee before I was even old enough for preschool. It’s wonderful that you’re able to drink coffee at all, not to mention actually enjoying its taste and loving its aroma… 😀
    I recently discovered that there is such a thing as ‘caffeine withdrawals’, I experience horrible pains, similar to but not quite a headache, if I miss my coffee for just 1 day – I wonder if any other coffee lovers experience this too?


  3. I agree! The taste, the smell, and the warmth of your body after the first sip is priceless! I also can have coffee any time of the day. The best is when I wake up and my favorite dessert (besides anything chocolate or peanut butter) is enjoying a nice cup of Joe with a biscotti!

    Great article Jack!


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