Be informed.

It’s SO EASY to waste time. I know I’m just as guilty as you when it comes to wasting time. With the amount of entertainment available to us nowadays, it’s almost as if wasting time has become a normality.

When I say wasting time, I mean senselessly scrolling through Twitter feeds, watching videos on Facebook, or binge-watching Netflix. All too often I find myself on social media between classes or before bed. My mom has always told me to “read a book” or “learn how to do something besides sit on your ass” but like any other kid I rolled my eyes and kept scrolling. Was I really going to go buy a book? No. And I know books are now downloadable but I pretend that doesn’t exist. And I’m not sitting Mom, I’m laying – it’s different.

Wow that sounds bad.

Now, even though entertainment is everywhere we still get bored. I blame social media for dangerously shrinking our attention spans. For me, when boredom hits I become, well, curious again. I no longer wish to scroll but to actually learn something. I think the yearning for infinite wisdom is human nature but it’s lost through the distraction of the never-ending list of entertainment outlets. Surely one thing that will never change is our desire to learn.

Someone once told me being informed is the best path to success; and it makes sense. The more you know the smarter you are correct? Well, kind of, but being the smartest in the room isn’t the focal point of being informed. The most important aspect of broadening your mind has to do with communication.

Networking and making connections are key to advancing in almost any setting but it all starts with being able to talk. You could have the best people skills on the planet but if you don’t have anything to talk about you might as well keep to yourself. This is where that valuable time you’re wasting comes in to play. Instead of opening Twitter to scroll through Obama/Biden memes, go to the New York Times account (@nytimes) and catch up on the latest current events, or head to Sportscenter’s page (@sportcenter) and check the latest scores. Use any “down time” you have to learn. You don’t have to become an expert by any means, but at least inform yourself… you never know what might be your next conversation starter.

If it’s Netflix you’re addicted to, watch a documentary. If it’s Facebook, join a forum about something that interests you and converse with people. If you like Twitter, there are MILLIONS of accounts that have one sole purpose: to keep you informed.

Stop wasting time. The more informed you are, the more successful you’ll be… I’m sure of it.

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