I write because I want to. Not many people my age take time out of their day to read, let alone sit down and write about their day-to-day life. To be honest, I was the same way until I became so unbelievably bored of refreshing my Twitter feed that I decided to look for ways to pass time. I started looking for easy ways to make money until I figured something out: there is no easy way to make money. What I did find out on my internet quest for an income was that writing is important.  The value of the written word has greatly increased as less and less people my age seem interested in spilling their thoughts and experiences onto paper (or in this case, online). This page is an opportunity to positively contribute as a writer, thinker, and creative in society and keep strong the value of the written word.

Music, writing, sports, art, food, travel, and a whole bunch of other topics peak my interest. Therefore, you will find articles, reviews, and posts about virtually anything I come across that intrigues me. That being said, if you have opinions or comments on anything you read, feel free to share them.

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Well Mr. Franklin, I plan on both.