The name of the game is integrity. Highly successful people want to spread their knowledge through purely altruistic motives. My ghostwriting service works toward positively impacting successful and unsuccessful people alike through professionally written, honest story-telling. The most important marketing aspect for my brand is undeniably proof of concept. It is pivotal that my methods of story-telling and relaying information from ‘teacher’ to ‘student’ resonate with both parties. As we learned from Aaker, brand vision “…captures the strategic and aspirational nature of the concept.” The aspirational nature of my ghostwriting service — to reiterate — is to help ‘the average joe’ learn what it takes to reach success in their field by learning directly from the most successful people in that field. The strategic nature is simple: supply a personal branding and marketing service to industry leaders through professional online writing. By promoting integrity, my goal is to help industry giants translate their stories and lessons-learned through writing quality content while simultaneously marketing their personal brand. 


“Through ghostwriting, I aid entrepreneurs, business executives, CEO’s and industry giants by providing an unparalleled online marketing service via the written word.” 

If I’ve learned anything through studying highly successful people, it is this: Highly successful people lack either the time or the writing capabilities to effectively share their expertise with the masses. Serial entrepreneurs, CEO’s and top-level execs have enough on their plate as is. So, how does the general population learn from these industry giants? Where are their stories being told? How do they share their industry knowledge with the world? Unfortunately, most aspiring entrepreneurs end up learning very basic, second-hand knowledge about what it takes to reach top-level status. This is the injustice I’ve set out to solve. 

Serial entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and CEO’s value their personal brand as much as they value the industry they lead. These highly successful individuals want to build their personal brand by sharing their secrets to success. That’s where I come in. My mission is simple: relay stories, lessons-learned and professional tips directly from the source. As a ghostwriter, I seek out the most successful people in their respective industries and share their knowledge with the world. By communicating these focal points, established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike benefit from this shared expertise. 


In regards to personal branding elements, it's extremely important to me to remain consistent and on-brand. Because my online ghostwriting service — — aims to promote consistent, personalized, quality content for its customers, sticking to a mainly black, grey and white theme is pivotal. I aim to promote creativity and professionalism in each of my elements as being consistent is crucial for brand salience. Each element was strategically created based on my knowledge of branding to attract and keep potential clients and are explained in detail below. 

The Logo: I feel as though for most brands, coming up with a fitting logo can prove to be one of the more difficult task. From what I’ve learned about branding, a logo should accurately depict brand vision and personality while speaking to the intended audience. For, I wanted the logo to be more than just a couple of letters or a random design. Since I want to promote quality, professional writing, I decided on a quill. The quill or the “traditional” pen made from a bird’s feather and was commonly used as the world’s proper writing utensil for nearly 6,000 years. Quills have been used to sign some of the most famous doctrines in world history, like the Magna Carta and the U.S. Declaration of Independence and are said to promote beauty and professionalism.